1946 Saint-Georges Auto Électrique
Saint-Georges Auto Électrique is founded in 1946 and specializes in car part repair and electrical motors until the early 70s.
70s Saint-Georges Auto Électrique becomes Électro Beauce
Saint-Georges Auto Électrique becomes Électro Beauce and newly specializes in industrial electrical installation while offering a technical emergency service 24/7.
80s Électro Beauce expands
Électro Beauce expands and adds new branches to its range of services: control panel manufacturing, industrial process automation and industrial electrical component distribution.

The organisation is lucky to progressively become a reference in the field of industrial electrical installation for woodmills, manufacturing, and transformation plants in the Chaudière-Appalaches area in the province of Quebec.
1995 Électro Beauce develops new product:
Électro Beauce develops and offers a new product: a high temperature electrical dry kiln motor.
2005 Électro Beauce becomes EBI Electric
Diversified in six departments and wishing to improve its range of service and expertise with wood transformation plants, Électro Beauce starts to invest significantly in research and development in order to create a hardwood board scanner for the flooring industry. In 2010, Électro Beauce becomes EBI Electric.
Today EBI Electric
EBI Electric continues to serve the wood industry as well as the manufacturing and the transformation industry. Moreover, EBI Electric participates in projects of different fields such as mining, reclycling, water treatment, and public services.

Still located in Saint-Georges, EBI Electric operates through seven departments under the same roof: Industrial Electrical Installation, Control Panel Manufacturing, Automation, 24/7 Technical and Repair Service, Design and Manufacturing of Dry Kiln Motors, Electrical Component Retail, Design and Manufacturing of Wood Board Scanners.

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