EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motors at the NWFA 2019 Texas

Drying Hardwood Flooring Lumber EBI Kiln Motors at the NWFA in Texas 2019

EBI is at the NWFA this year again to promote the EBI brand of kiln motors. The EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motors are high quality electric motors manufactured for dry kilns. They are different from conventional electrical motors because they are specifically built for the lumber drying industry.

EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motors for Kiln Manufacturers and Sawmills

EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motors: High Temperature Motors for Lumber Dry Kilns

EBI lumber dry kiln motors can withstand the worst environment inside a lumber dry kiln: extreme humidity, high heat, and corrosion (some wood species are extremely acid and attack the structure of kiln motors). The EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motors are offered with custom length lead wires and can be offered with sealed bearings.

IEC Kiln Duty Motors by EBI for European Countries  

Visit EBI'so booth at the National Wood Flooring Association in Texas this May 1, 2 and 3. It will be our pleasure to explain why the EBI kiln motor has become the reference for drying hardwood in the hardwood flooring industry.

EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motors High Quality Electric Motors

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