Automation Projects and Customers


Partner: Carbotech - Quebec
Customer: Maderas Garcia Hermanos - Spain

Project: Control and automation of lumber sorting line at 380VAC


-MCC and PLC control panel including wood length, width, thickness and wane measurement 

-Sorting line and lug loader control sequence programming

-Technical supervisor on site for wiring and I/O testing

Partner: BID Group
Customer: GDS

Project: Lumber sorting line automation


-Control panel and consoles manufacturing
-Sorting line PLC programming according to length and diameter

-Updtate of BID Group PLC to include new I/O

-Programming of lumber rejects depending on their size and thickness

-Selection of lumber diameter with calculations at both ends of each log

-HMI programming

-Commissioning at building site

Partner: KTG Group
Customer: DG Forest Products

Project: Lumber sorting and debarking line



-MCC manufacturing and motorisation
-Allen-Bradley ControlLogix programming

-Electric motor wiring and installation of cable trays


Partner: Lico

Project: Ripsaw programming at 480V


-Sequences programming 

-HMI programming 

-Alarms programming

-Cabling and commissioning

Customer: Masonite

Project: Modification of door hinge positioning machine


-Sequence positionning programming

-HMI programming

-Data and alarm setting


-Design, manufacturing and installation of new control panel
-I/O reconnection

-Encoder and motor wiring

Customer: Tafisa

Project: Instrumentation, control and automation of Eliane project


Selection, programming and automation of different sensors: pressure, air, temperature and humidity

Partner: Mécanium
Customer: Boa Franc

Project: Control and automation of wood lamella cleaning equipment


-Set up and configuration of Hope interface
-Beckhoff PC configuration

-Motorisation design and servo drive configuration

-Wiring, connections and I/O testing


Partner: BID Group
Customer: GDS Marsoui

Project: Wood log sorter automation


-Replace outdated Omron PLC with Allen Bradley PLC 
-Control 6 bins with 11 ejectors after debarking station -Manage the coordination of each debarker and its two conveyors with encoders


Partner: Concept d'usinage de Beauce

Project: Control and optimization of palletizer


-Design of axis system with servomotors

-Control sequences programming

-HMI programming

-Design and nailing configuration on HMI screen

-Menu design to support manual operation

-Internet connectivity set up for remote debugging and commissioning

-Cabling, calibration and tests


Customer: Bois Lemelin

Project: Control and optimization of automated wood bundle strapping line


-Control sequences programming
-HMI programming

-Servo offset configuration

-Menu design for manual operation

-Programming designed with 4 press modules (60 i/o)

-Strapping cycle programming for 6 strappers

-Design, wiring, I/O testing and commissioning


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