EBI Electric History

EBI Electric: Third Generation Family Business Since 1946

EBI Electric is a family business located in Saint-Georges, state of Quebec, a few kilometres from the US Maine state border. At EBI, we offer electrical engineering products and services. Still operated by the owning family, EBI counts on the technical expertise, project management efficiency and client proximity to guarantee the success of its customers and employees. Speaking of which, what makes our greatest strength at EBI are our employees who perform as best they can every day. Among our corporate objectives at EBI, our mission is to help manufacturers and businesses to better benefit from electrical energy in order to facilitate the work of their employees and customers.

EBI Electric Products

Among its manufactured products, EBI designs, builds, programs and installs hardwood flooring scanners branded Inspector. Today, EBI is also still well known for the EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motors that were introduced to the lumber-drying industry in 1995. These high temperature kiln motors are made specifically for lumber drying. At EBI, we also design and manufacture thousands of control panels every year for different industrial sectors. We are also an authorized electrical components distributor: contactors, push buttons, fuses, cables, variable speed drives (VFDs), soft starters, safety switches, etc. Among our most popular brands of products is Yaskawa. Our internal sales team is devoted to advise customers about selecting the electrical parts that suit their needs. At EBI, we can also help you stock on electric motors. We have motors starting from the smallest horsepower to the highest HPs. We have also used electric motors in stock at low prices for your convenience. Finally, we specialize in the analysis, evaluation and management of LED lighting projects. EBI is a distribution centre for LED lighting equipment: tubes, fixtures, etc., in order to facilitate the replacing of expensive, outdated, and less performant lighting equipment.

EBI Electric Services

EBI Electric services include the preparation and management of industrial electrical projects such as the electrical installation and cabling of industrial machinery and building. In our electrical installation division, EBI is active in different industrial fields but our team is particularly renowned for its performance in the lumber industry. EBI is offers its expertise in automation and industrial programming. We program industrial equipment and particularly those related to the sawmilling industry (HewSaw sawlines for instance). In combination with our automation specialty, we are experts in the electrical troubleshooting and debugging of machinery with our service field technicians and our programmers. One of our technician’s specialty is thermography (thermal imagery) used to detect abnormal sources of heating in control panels. In 1946, our first professional activity at EBI was the repair of electrical motors. Still today, we still repair all kinds of electric motors in combination with our dynamic balancing services. Our different dynamic balancing benches allow us to balance mechanical parts from the smallest to the heaviest. Our dynamic balancing tolerances are the same as aviation and military precision tolerances. We also operate a special industrial electronics repair shop, DMEB Service, at the fine edge of the latest technology that specializes in the repair of industrial electronics : variable frequency drives (VFDs), servomotors, soft starters, electronic circuit boards, HMI interfaces, power supplies and other auxiliary equipment. Through this branch, EBI also offers the tropicalization or coating of VFD circuit boards. Finally, through its Eco Energy division, EBI designs and installs energy-saving systems for the different industrial applications : lighting, heating, ventilation, and dust collecting. We analyze the return on investment of our customers in the short and long term and suggest improvement such as in terms of their lighting fixtures that need to be changed for LED lighting ones.

EBI Electric Devoted Employees

EBI’s team includes industrial programmers, engineers (electrical, wood, civil, mechanical), industrial electricians, draftsmen and control panel designers, project managers, instrumentation and control technicians, industrial electronics specialists, electric motor winders and internal sales technical advisors. We are always on the lookout for new team members who wish to perform and contribute to making work easier for our customers while helping them to better manage electrical energy.

EBI Electric History


Saint-Georges Auto Électrique is founded in 1946 and specializes in car part and electrical motor repair until the early 70s.


Saint-Georges Auto Électrique becomes Électro Beauce and newly specializes in industrial electrical installation while offering a technical emergency service.


Électro Beauce expands and adds new branches to its range of services: control panel manufacturing, industrial process automation and industrial electrical component distribution. 


Électro Beauce develops and offers a new product: a high temperature electrical dry kiln duty motor. The organisation is lucky to progressively become a reference in the field of industrial electrical installation for sawmills, manufacturing, and transformation plants in the Chaudière-Appalaches area in the province of Quebec.


Diversified in many technical departments and wishing to improve its range of service and expertise with wood transformation plants, Électro Beauce starts to invest significantly in research and development in order to create a hardwood board scanner for the flooring industry. In 2010, Électro Beauce becomes EBI Electric and starts to specialize in artificial vision.


EBI Electric continues to serve the wood industry as well as the manufacturing and the transformation industry. Still located in Saint-Georges de Beauce, EBI Electric operates through different electrical engineering products and services departments under one roof: Industrial Electrical Installation, Control Panel Manufacturing, Industrial Automation and Programming, Electric Motor Repair, DMEB Service, Dynamic Balancing Services, Electrical Troubleshooting Service and Thermography, the manufacturing of EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motors, Electrical Component Retail, Design and Manufacturing of Wood Board Scanners and Energy-Saving Lighting Equipement.

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