EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motor Maintenance Instructions

EBI Kiln Duty Motor Bearing Greasing

  1. Grease bearings after each 720 hours of use.
  2. Properly clean grease fittings before and after each greasing of bearings.
  3. While motor is running, apply necessary quantity of grease.
  4. Let motor run sufficiently for grease to spread in bearings until grease excess starts coming out of grease fittings.
  5. However, if no grease comes out of grease fittings, make sure that grease fittings are functioning properly.
  6. To avoid overheating, do not apply more grease than necessary in bearings. This would increase resistance of rotating parts, compression of lubricant and consequently cause an eventual loss of efficiency.
  7. Clean grease fittings before and after each bearing greasing.
  8. Use non washable and high temperature synthetic grease (Sinto EP2 Calcium Sulfonate). Contact EBI for a list of equivalent products.
  9. Use the following table to apply correct quantity of grease: a small kitchen scale is necessary to assess the adequate amount of grease.
6200 à 6207 0.177oz (5 grams)
6208 à 6210 0.353oz (10 grams)
6211 à 6215 0.530oz (15 grams)
6216 0.705oz (20 grams)
6304 et 6305 0.177oz (5 grams)
6306 à 6308 0.353oz (10 grams)
6309 et 6310 0.530oz (15 grams)
6311 et 6312 0.706oz (20 grams)

EBI Dry Kiln Motor Inspections Every 6 Months

  1. Winding resistance and insulation resistance to ground with a multimeter and a megger;
  2. Winding resistance in ohms between phases (T1 vs T2 , T1 vs T3, T2 vs T3) must be the same
  3. Insulation resistance in megohms at 500vdc or 1000vdc
  4. Ground for feeding cable
  5. Condition of bearings
  6. On the shaft, axial and radial mechanical movement must not be apparent
  7. Make sure fan is properly fixed to shaft
  8. Junction box must be very clean without water or dirt inside

EBI Dry Kiln Motor Inspections Every 12 Months

  1. Make sure that fan does not vibrate, nor is damaged and that it is dirt-free
  2. The fan rotation must be regular
  3. Make sure that motor is well fixed to its anchors;
  4. Make sure that the connecting cable to the motor wires is fixed and free of any corrosion or damage in the feeding cable protective sleeve and motor junction wires;
  5. Use a high heat resistance paste to cover the connections of the motor
  6. Make sure that junction box and cover are well fixed and waterproof
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