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Our Mission and Our Values at EBI

The mission of EBI Electric is to use its knowledge in electrical engineering to offer value-added electrical products and services in design, manufacturing, installation and distribution to transformation and manufacturing organizations in North America.

Master Electrical Energy for the Benefit of Workers

Our underlying objective behind this mission is to strive to facilitate the tasks and daily work of the workforce. It is by helping the workforce better use, manage, control and understand electrical energy through our products and services at EBI that we believe people can live a better life a work and benefit from this renewable energy.

The Cornerstones of Our Values: Knowledge and Attitude

At EBI, we are far from being perfect, but we strive towards excellence through our performance. We are different, multigenerational, multicultural, and we work and think differently. Our differences are what allow us to offer advantageous solutions to our customers while being loyal partners to our suppliers. In difficult times as in easier ones, we do our best as a team to work and perform together while following certain a code of conduct and related values that revolve around two cornerstones : knowledge and attitude.


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At EBI, we are always at school learning something. Investments in training are important each year and each team member must stay alert and aware of new developments and technologies in its field and learn, always learn to become the technical reference for our customers and colleagues. We must be at the top of our game and the best in our field of expertise : electrical engineering, automation, programming, administration, marketing, logistics, sales, etc. But we must never forget that we will nevery know all, but together we know more.


At EBI, it is through training that we acquire competence and that is by evaluating our performances regularly and challenging one another on a daily basis that we can validate if we are competent. Satisfacton survey to our customers and our employee evaluations help us measure the quality of what we acquire through experience and training. To perform, we must be competent.


At EBI, through training and questionning ourselves we reach competence and the latter allows us to reach higher grounds and innovate. At EBI, people are always looking for new challenges in order to face these new challenges, we must come with new solutions and innovate. The R&D mentality must be at the heart of our activities. Always improve and make better and question our ways and methods as well as those of our customers and our suppliers. After all, our mission is to help facilitate the life of the workforce by better managing and benefiting from the electrical energy.


At EBI, flexibilty means to be open minded to be challenged from the basics : training, competence, innovation. To be flexible also means to get out of your comfort zone on demand from a colleague, a customer or a supplier and think out of the box. 


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To like your job is something, to love it and be passionate about it is another. At EBI, we try to cultivate passion and to do so, we place the right people in the right positions. When doing so, our people do not feel like they are "at work". They just feel like they are doing what they like to do best to serve the others. As Confucius said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life".


No matter how burning our desire of performance must be, we must remain grounded, humble and never loose track of the importance of the individual standing in front of us : a colleague, a supervisor, a client, a supplier, a shareholder, etc. When lost, the beacon that must be followed remains: respect. 


At EBI, collaborating means the following : do not wait for your colleague asking for help before offering a hand; do not wait for your colleague to offer his hand before asking for it. 


With the project manager mentality that we wish to cultivate, it is necessary to take the lead and be accountable in the good times and the bad times. It is always easier to take the compliments when you succeed, but being responsible, being accountable for your mistakes is also part of the game. At EBI, we want good leaders in victory as in defeat. At EBI, we do not want victims who blame others for mistakes that happened. We believe in accountability.

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