Vision, Mission and


We are an efficient and growing organisation that offers an exceptional customer experience and an exceptional career opportunity.


We offer our electrotechnical kow-how for the benefit of manufacturing organisations. 

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Continuous Improvement

Improve our methods of work in order to eliminate waste and non-value added activities for the customer : transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, overproduction, over-processing, defects and human skill wasting. Continuous improvement requires that we also continuously improve our attitude and our knowlege to better serve our customers. Continuous improvement also means accepting to change for the best and try new methods to give an exceptional experience to our customers. 


Act and communicate with transparency and respect. Honesty encourages mutual trust between team members. 


Work with the best cost-efficient method. Always make the most out of human and material resources always with our end goal which is to give our customer an exceptional experience. Work with state of the art technology in order to be cost-efficient and always strive to eliminate wastes and non-value added activities for our customers.


Team work. Insure an excellent promity with our customers, our partners and our suppliers. Work for the benefit of the team before the benefit of the individual. Recognize the strenghts of our colleagues and support one another in difficult situations. Accept and manage change positively for the benefit of the team and our customers. 


Be accountable for the customer exceptional satisfaction and any activity towards that goal. Be accountable for one's personal and professional development. Take the lead to reach for information that makes our activitites progress. Be responsible and accountable for leading action plans. 


Plan our work. Establish and manage priorities daily. Be proactive instead of reactive. Be and stay organized in our work environment. Be rigourous and disciplined in following action plans. 

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