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Business Acquisition HewSaw Customers of Prologic+

Business Acquisition Announcement by EBI Electric of HewSaw Customers of Prologic+

Dear customer,

EBI Electric has recently acquired the automation and control division of Prologic+ for HewSaw sawlines. Following that business acquisition, programmers Ugo Dionne and Frédéric Morin have joined EBI. A period of transition is planned until March 15, 2018. The purpose of this acquisition is to infuse more resources in the control, automation and programming department of EBI to better support existing HewSaw customers and support the development of new projects. 

From March 15, EBI will be pleased to serve you directly. You can contact EBI toll free at 1-888-228-5505 for any troubleshooting, automation or industrial programming request. Our troubleshooting service is available 24/7.

Prologic+ continues to offer its scanner products and optimization services in the field of lumber transformation in partnership with EBI Electric to assure high quality service. For 30 years, EBI Electric has specialized in industrial process automation and most particularly in the field of the wood industry.

Industrial Automation, Sawmill Automation and Industrial Programming for the Wood Industry

Founded in 1946, EBI Electric offers industrial electrical engineering products and services for the wood industry and industrial manufacturing companies. The EBI Electric team counts 115 employees and includes industrial programmers, engineers (electrical, wood, civil, mechanical) project managers, control, instrumentation and electrodynamics technicians and electricians specialized in industrial work. EBI offers the following services: design and manufacturing of electrical control panels, industrial electrical installation, electrical part retail service, electrical and industrial electronics repair service (electric motor, servomotor, variable frequency drives, electronic boards), electrical troubleshooting 24/7, industrial process automation and programming, design and manufacturing of dry kiln duty electrical motors and much more.

Looking forward to serving you,

Serge Martel


EBI Electric


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