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Réalisations installation électrique industrielle bannière
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Industrial Electrical Installation Projects

Partner: BID Group
Customer: GDS sawmill


Project : Wood sorter installation 


Description : 

Installation and wiring of the different control panels and components provided by BID Group for the 40 bin sorter. Installation and wiring of different equipment such as:

  • PLC Control panel

  • Operator console

  • Junction box for mounted upward and downward sorter valves

  • MCC remote junction box

  • Wood board validation station

  • Two production display screens

  • HMI stacker

  • Modification of existing sorter with new components provided by BID Group

Partner: Machinex
Customer: Canada Fibers

Canada Fibers

Project: Recycling plant electrical wiring


Description : 

  • Connection of 56 motors

  • Connection of 69 safety switch breaker

  • Junction box connection

  • Motor, megger and I/O tests

  • Cable trays and teck cable installation

Customer: Cedrico sawmill 


Project : New sawline with BID Group equipement at the Causapscal sawmill


Description : 

  • Outdated equipment dismantling: motors, sensors, junction boxes, starters, safety switches

  • Supply and installation of cable trays

  • Wiring of 60 motors

  • Control wiring: junction boxes, valves, sensors, analog signals and Ethernet network

  • Supply and installation of disconnect switches 

  • Breaking resistor installation

  • Supply and installation of electrical distribution panels

  • Existing MCC modifications

  • Wiring and connection of cameras, monitors and internet switches

Partner: Machinex
Customer: Montreal recycling centre


Project : Wiring of a Montreal recycling centre


Description : 

  • Supply and installation of cable trays

  • Wiring of 190 motors

  • Wiring of 6 motor brakes

  • Wiring of 190 local disconnect switches, junction boxes and other electrical equipment

  • I/O tests

Partner: KTG Group
Customer: DG Forest Products

Produits forestiers DG

Project : Major modernisation of log management and debarking line: process and building electrical installation


Description : 


  • Dismantling phase

  • MCC wiring with 5000 ampere substation

  • Supply and installation of cable trays

  • Motor wiring

  • Wiring of control equipment: PLC, VFD, consoles, remote junction boxes

  • Installation and wiring of sensors and proximity switches

  • Supply and installation of local disconnect switches, breaking resistors, transformers, and control panels 120/240V for control circuits


  • Electrical distribution 200A 600V 3ph in electrical room

  • Interior LED lighting installation

  • Exterior LED lighting installation

  • Emergency LED lighting installation

  • Electrical plugs installation

  • Welding plug installation

  • Heaters and thermostats installation

Customer: Matériaux Blanchet, St-Pamphile plant

Matériaux Blanchet

Project : Modernization of sawmill plant: process, building, and lighting electrical installation


Description : 


  • New 4000 ampere substation at 600V 

  • Electrical distribution 600V 3 phases

  • 4 distribution centres with CDP breakers

  • Supply and installation of 7 CCM

  • Supply and installation of cable trays

  • Wiring of 143 motors

  • Wiring of control panels, valves, junction boxes and sensors

  • Supply and installation of transformers

  • Installation and wiring of breaking resistors and local disconnect switches

  • Supply and installation of capacitor banks


  • Electrical grounding

  • Electrical distribution panels


  • Supply and installation of interior lighting (450 Lux), exterior and emergency lighting


Client: Tafisa


Project : Eliane


Description : 

  • Supply, installation and wiring of instrumentation and control for the Lac-Mégantic plant

Customer : Carrier Bégin sawmill

Carrier Bégin

Project : Led lighting exterior installation 


Partner: USNR
Customer: RYAM, La Sarre

USNR logo
Rayonier Advanced Materials Logo

Project : Modernisation of sawline with USNR equipment


Description : 

  • Two Motor Control Centre installation

  • Supply and installation of VFD and soft start control panels

  • Modification of 18 local disconnects

  • Supply and installation of 17 new local disconnects

  • Interior and exterior LED lighting installation

  • Emergency LED lighting installation

  • Supply and installation of capacitor banks

Partner: Veolia


Project : Wiring of electrical room inside a 40 feet-long container


Description : 

Supply and installation:

  • Electrical power panel

  • Electrical distribution panel

  • Lights, switches and heaters

  • Smoke detectors

  • Transformers

  • Disconnect switches

  • Air conditionning unit

Customer :Manac

Manac Logo

Project : LED lighting installation

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