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The Schneider EcoStruxure trailer at EBI Electric

EBI and Schneider: a Partnership for Operational and Energy Efficiency Through EcoStruxure

As a Schneider distributor and integrator, EBI welcomed the Schneider team with its EcoStruxure trailer at its office in Saint-Georges. The Schneider EcoStruxure trailer presented the latest innovative products of Schneider in the field of electrical energy management.   

The EBI staff from all of its divisions was glad to benefit from a series of interactive presentations by Schneider from different product specialists.  

The EBI technicians, engineers and automation specialists had the chance to familiarize themselves with the latest products and solutions from the EcoStruxure concept that allow to better manage electrical energy and be more efficient in industrial operations in a variety of ways: remote control management, renewable energy management, industrial process efficiency, predictive maintenance, etc. The various workshops helped EBI increase its knowledge in electrical energy efficiency, particularly its EBI Eco-Energy Division that manages LED lighting projects.

The EcoStruxure trailer will be back in Saint-Georges on September 11 with even more new products and workshops. However, this time, the EBI Electric clients will be invited to participate in different training sessions according to their needs. This EBI-Schneider happening will take place at the Georgeville.


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