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Control Panel Manufacturing

Manufacturing More than 3000 CSA/UL Control Panels a Year

The design and manufacturing of control panels is tighly linked to the automation and optimization of industrial processes. As an industrial control and automation specialist since 1946, EBI manufactures thousands of control panels and consoles every year for different types of industrial applications from the most complex (Motor Control Centre, servomotor control panel, etc.) to the simplest (lighting, dust collecting, refrigeration, etc.). We manufacture these control panels for OEM, distributors and end users.

At EBI, we have two control panel assembly lines dedicated to different types of customers and industrial applications. Our control panel manufacturing team such as control panel designers, electrical engineers, automation technicians, programmers, assembly line workers and testers are all coordinnated with our control project managers to offer the most advantageous control panel prices, design and delivery plans. We work with the control and part standards of our customers (Schneider, Allen-Bradley, Omron, etc.) and we are committed to offering the best return on investment for our services while complying with the most important security and quality control certifications like CSA, UL and ISO 9001:2008 MCNA ANAB.

Control Panels According to Your Electrical Standards

As an authorized control distributor of thousands of different types of electrical parts (contactor, relays, starters, drives, soft starts, push buttons) EBI designs and manufactures control panels including the electrical parts that our customers prefer working with. At EBI, we work with your standards. Whether Schneider, ABB, Omron, Allen-Bradley-Rockwell or other brands of electrical parts, we are used to working with the most reknowned brands, and we are able to recommend the ones that best fit your application and your budget. At EBI, let us assist you in designing the most cost efficient control panels for your application. 

Since we produce a few thousand control panels a year and because of our important capacity to subcontract the manufacturing of control cabinets, at EBI we are able to manufacture control panels of different sizes and different budgets for different customers while always offering the highest quality standards (CSA/UL). 

Panel Builder Quality Control

At EBI, we are not next corner control panel builder, we are work according to strick control quality rules. Our certifications have included ISO 9001:2008 MCNA ANAB for many years as well as the following quality control accreditations : CSA US and CE

EBI Electric is also a certified electrician in Quebec (licence RBQ # 1174-7466-39) and a member of the Electrical Safety Authority of l'Ontario (licence 7005378).

Types of Control Panels Manufactured by EBI Electric

As a control panel builder, EBI Electric manufactures different types of control cabinets for different industrial applications and for the instrumentation and control of different production equipment.

  • Power output control panel : motor starting control, full voltage start or soft starter, control panel with transformer or VFD control panel (variable frequency drives). 

  • Motor Control Centre (MCC)

  • Control panels for different applications : electric motor control, heating, refrigeration, lighting, pumping, etc.

  • Control panel for boiler, dust collector, ventilation or irrigation systems.

  • Servomotor control panel for positioning and motion control

  • Relay logic control panel

  • Programmable logic controller or PLC control panel

  • Communication or remote sensing control panel

  • Safety and security application control panel

  • Electropneumatic application control panel