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A Hardworking Team of Electricians and Project Managers

EBI Electric is a certified electrical contractor specialising in industrial electrical installation with advanced experience in the fields of wood industry, water treatment and recycling. Our team is composed of project managers (electrical engineers and former electrical foremen), estimators, electrical power and control specialists and industrial field electricians. We also work closely with our department of programmers and automation specialists who allow us to offer turnkey electrical solutions to our customers. The electrical installation projects that we lead are from the smallest to multi million dollar investment grassroot projects. Our electricians are well equiped and supervised. They are used to working under pressure with the shortest deadlines during mill shutdowns and in the most extreme weather conditions (the long nights, the blistering cold winters and the hot summers). We have made our reputation with results that speak for themselves: small to large electricians commando teams that get the job done quickly and with a quality that our industrial mill customers cannot find elsewhere from the cable tray layout to the clear identification of cables.

EBI's Electric Work

At EBI Electric, we regularly go through the following electrical work for our customers: 

Our Speciality: the Wood Industry

At EBI, we are particularly recognized by our wood industry customers for being one of their priviledged electrical service suppliers. Since 1946, the geographical location of our headquarter has led us to participate in the construction of multiple sawmills in North America. We are also well acquainted with the smallest and largest sawmill equipment manufacturers who serve the wood industry. They are our partners. At EBI, we know very well the sawmill processes from log loading to board stacking and drying and we are aware of the safety measures that need to be complied with in a sawmill. This knowledge that we acquired over the years is our strength and allows us to work fast in very short mill shutdown windows. Here is list of our partners and customers in the sawmill industry. If your are looking for an electrical contractor who knows the reality of lumber transformation, look no further and contact our engineering and project management team.

EBI Electric sawmill electrical installation   Our seasoned electricians at EBI Electric

Our Electricians at EBI Electric

Our field representatives, the electricians of EBI, are closely selected born and bred hardworking men and women from the Beauce county who demonstrate they were taught the value of quality work no matter the hardships. With their project managers, they offer top quality electrical installation and advice to our wood industry customers. These seasoned electricians are in high demand in the industry and so they are often dispatched in smaller teams to supervise and coordinate the work of many other electricians on different building sites in North America.

At EBI, we are used to working either with the sawmill end users, with their sawmill equipment manufacturer or with the consultant who accompanies them in their sawmill grassroot or renovation project. Our proximity with the sawmill equipment manufacturers is particularly appreciated since it allows them to offer turnkey solutions to their customers.

Electrical Service Entry Installation by EBI Electric   Motor Control Centre (MCC) installation in electrical room by EBI Electric

Recycling and Water Treatment Plants

The two other business markets where EBI's experience is strong in the field of electrical installation is recycling and water treatment. As with the sawmill industry, we also work closely with the equipment manufactuers who serve the industry. Some of our partners include Veolia (water treatment OEM) and Machinex (recycling OEM). EBI is recognized to offer technical advice and supervision in the electrical portion of those OEM projects and their customers. But mostly, it is the quality of our installations that has made the EBI brand and the foundation of the trust of our customers: quality, quality and quality.

Installation électrique usine de recyclage par EBI Electric   Électricien industriel EBI Electric

Our Territory

EBI's electricians and project managers are involved everywhere in North America, in Canada as well as in the United States. We are also able to send smaller groups of electrical foremen and supervisors in other countries to support larger or local groups of electricians. Contact us to plan the organisation of the supervision of your building site.

Electrical Project Manager  Cable tray installation by EBI Electric  Electrical service entry installation for sawmill by EBI Electric

Electrical Work to Speed up Your Mill's Return on Investment

When you trust EBI with electrical work, you make sure that you will be supported by specialists in the electrical field who ensure a fast and significant return on investment. You also benefit from state of the art electrical installations methods from layout to the identification of every wire, cable and control panel function. By hiring EBI Electric, you also team up with people who know your industry and the safety measures to respect. Since 1946, our brand at EBI remains top quality industrial electrical engineering services and products. Whether your are at the planning stage of your project or right in the middle of it, we can help and make your project a success by ensuring that it's scope and deadlines are met. Contact EBI Electric today.

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