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thermographie niveau 2
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Thermography Level 2

What is Thermography?

Thermography or thermal imaging detects heating concentrations or heat leak sources in electrical equipment. Thus, thermography detects infrared energy emitted by an electrical circuit or an electrical part through which an electrical current passes (wire, cable, transformer, contactor, electrical motor, breaker, etc.) This infrared energy is then converted into temperature. The higher the temperature of the equipment through which an electrical current passes, the higher the level of infrared detection will be. The thermography technicians of EBI are level 2 certified.

5 avantages de la thermographie

Level 2 Thermography Certification

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EBI's thermography specialists are certified by the world recognized Snell Group that trains and certifies thermography experts. At EBI, we are level 2 certified for thermography by the Snell Group. A level 2 certified technician is going to offer advanced analysis precision compared to a level 1 thermography technician. Moreover, a level one technician risks to falsely detect hot spots and might not be able to adequately detect hot spots that would be critical for your electrical installations.

Advantages of Thermography Level 2

  • advanced heating spot filtering

  • advanced use of high tech infrared camera to their maximum capacity

  • better adjustment to the emissivity of each material analysed

5 advantages of thermography

  1. Control the quality and safety of your electrical equipment

  2. Avoid paying higher fees for emergency electrical repair service in the event of an electrical fault

  3. Reduce the risk of fire

  4. Reduce insurance premiums and comply with insurers’ requirements

  5. Save time and energy by prioritizing corrective actions during preventive maintenance activities

qu'est-ce que la thermographie

Detecting Abnormal Heating Sources and Preventing Accidents

détecter les sources de chaleur anormales et prévenir les sinistres

Electrical systems are the cause of many accidents and one must insure that electrical equipment is always in good state. Many fires in companies have been caused by electrical failures from old control panels where abnormal heating sources could have been detected via thermography. On a smaller scale, electrical failures that can be detected by thermography may cause power failures or affect the efficiency of manufacturing equipment. Those problems can all be avoided or predicted with regular thermography inspection. Since heating is often responsible for electrical circuit problems, inspecting control panels and electrical equipment (such as electric motors) is recommended to spot heating sources that could require the intervention of an electrican or service field technician. Better be safe than sorry. Thermography is even recommended by insurance companies among other activities of preventive maintenance.

Electrical Failure Causes

Thermography allows the detection of different types of electrical failures.

  • Wire or cable that is wrongly connected which causes inefficient contacts between conductors in a control panel

  • Conductor and connector premature wear or tear

  • Old control cabinets

  • Inadequate electrical service entrance

  • Inadequate circuit breakers

  • Other abnormal heating sources

Thermography Advantages

Control the quality and the safety of your electrical equipment

  • Avoid paying high fees for emergency electrical troubleshooting in case of unexpected electrical failure

  • Decrease fire hazard

  • Decrease insurance fees and remain in conformity with insurance recommendations

  • Save time and energy used to prioritize corrective activities in preventive maintenance plans

Contact us

Contact EBI's electricians or service technicians to schedule a thermography inspection. Our thermography analysis and reports are thorough. They will be explained to you in details and could be presented to your insurance company. Following our thermography inspection, if corrective actions are needed, EBI will be able to solve electrical problems or plan the application of recommended solutions. EBI Electric has been offering thermography services for many years and many of our customers have benefited from our expertise. Some of them even avoided accidents that would have been soon caused by electrical failures. Contact us to plan the visit of a specialized technician. 

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