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Electrical Emergency Troubleshooting

Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting Help: 1 888 228-5505

Industrial electricians and electrotechnicians at EBI Electric support manufacturing companies facing electrical issues with their production equipment. Our seasoned troubleshooting team is able to quickly identify, diagnose, and solve many types of electrical problems. Those electrical problems can range from electrical motor start up failures, soft starter breakdown, variable frequency drive tuning or a short circuit that occured in a control panel. In certain cases, the source of the electrical problem could be an inadequate electrical power distribution in the manufacturing plant that must be addressed. 

Working in the management of an electrical system is always risky. When electrical troubleshooting work is not done by a certified electrical specialist, the odds of accidental electrocutions or electrical fire are much higher. At EBI Electric, our electrical troubleshooting teams are used to working in the industrial manufacturing sector. They have been taught how to work safely in an industrial manufacturing environment. They know about machine-safety rules and principles, and they follow a strick lockout procedures. Their electrical troubleshooting interventions are safe and efficient for our customers. 

A Multidisciplinary Electrical Troubleshooting Team for the Manufacturing Industry

One of our strengths at EBI Electric is the versatility of our human resources and the range of our electrical knowledge. Our team is composed of electrical, mechanical and civil engineers, certified industrial electricians, graduated instrumentation and control technicians, technicans in electrical parts and components, automation engineers, artificial vision specialists, electric motor repair and winding technicians and control panel designers and assemblers. Each of these resources contributes to offering high quality electrical engineering products and services to the manufacturing industry since 1946. By combining the knowledge of our different specialized team, we can efficiently and rapidly identify the source of an electrical failure and allow our industrial customers to save time. For them, every minute of production is critical. Most often, a short phone call to our electrical troubleshooting centre is enough for us to diagnose the type of problem you are facing and dispatch the right resources on site to restore the situation rapidly and most importantly, inform your management team on how to avoid other electrical failures in the future.

State of the Art Electrical Troubleshooting Equipment 

Our fleet of electrical troubleshooting trucks is equipped with a large inventory of electrical hardware and components that we also distribute to our customers and use ourselves in our electrical products such as in the thousands of control panels that we manufacture each year. Our certifications, our quality control process and our equipment such as our thermal cameras allow us to provide very accurate electrical evaluations of industrial equipment through level 2 thermography.

Prevention of Electrical Issues with Predictive Maintenance

When an urgent electrical problem happens, most of the time companies react to it. A predictive approach to potential electrical failures should be adopted instead in order to be rather proactive instead of reactive. With the advent of new 4.0 technologies, there are a number of systems and products that allow manufacturing companies to predict electrical failures. For instance, there are sensors that can be easily installed on critical electric motors to monitor their state 24/7. At EBI Electric, our technical teams will be able to identify with you the weakest points of your electrical installations. Moreover, by adding data collecting systems to your electrical equipement (such as control panels, electric motors, etc.), you will assess more clearly the state of your machinery and you will avoid unplanned electrical failures that affect yield and profitability.

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