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Membre d'associations de l'industrie du bois
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Wood Industry Membership and Associations

EBI:Electrical Services and Products for the Wood Industry

Since its modest beginnings in 1946, EBI has been closely involved with the wood industry. In fact, EBI’s electric motor repair shop was located at the centre of many well-known sawmills in the northern US Maine state border area. Today, most of our customers are still actively part of the lumber industry. In fact, today, most of the different electrical services and products of EBI Electric revolve around the wood industry: second and third lumber transformation. The electrical installation projects that we drive with our teams of electricians and project managers are known to be particularly cost-effective for our sawmill clientele. We work fast and we specialize in short time window projects completed during sawmill shutdown time. At EBI, our electrical specialty includes the cabling and wiring of sawmill equipment: debarker, planer, stacker, unscrambler, log feeder, log turner, lumber dry kiln installation, motor control centres (MCC), etc. We also partner regularly with lumber equipment manufacturers such as Bid Group, HewSaw, USNR, Carbotech, Wellons and others.

Hardwood Flooring Lines and Wood Scanners

In the field of the second wood transformation, EBI manufactures different types of hardwood flooring scanners not only to detect defects but most importantly to optimize every inch of hardwood flooring yield. Again, EBI works closely with partners in order to be able to offer complete flooring lines and packages to the hardwood flooring industry such as Lico. Then again, we help our customers wire and automate the flooring equipment included on their production line. EBI has often programmed rip saws for different customers and even manufacturers such as Doucet and Hasko. Here is our list of customers who have bought some EBI hardwood flooring scanners and consulted EBI for the optimization of their flooring line of production: EBI Electric hardwood flooring customers.

Electric Motors and Variable Frequency Drives

The electrical components that we distribute at EBI such as contactors, WEG electric motors, variable frequency drives by YaskawaLED lighting fixtures and the likes are rugged and adapted equipment for the harsh conditions of sawmills and the wood industry in general. We advise our customers on which one to choose for their application. We even offer onsite installation, programming and automation services for the tuning of drives, the installation of motors or any electric troubleshooting needs. In addition to these services of programming we also manufacture control panels and motor control centres (MCC) for the wood industry. In fact, at EBI, we design, manufacture and deliver more than 3000 control cabinets each year.

High Temperature Kiln Duty Motors for the Lumber Drying Industry

Another targeted product of EBI that is famous for its sturdiness in the sawmill industry, and most particularly the lumber drying industry, is the EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motor. This high temperature lumber dry kiln motor has been adopted by many hundreds of sawmills located in North America, South America, Australia, Africa and many European countries. The sturdiness and the most advantageous warranty plan yet on the market for a kiln motor have made the EBI motor one of the most recommended kiln motors by the lumber industry and the electric motor industry members of the EASA. The EBI kiln motor is handmade-manufactured in Canada and can withstand high temperature, high moisture and highly corrosive environments. Manufactured in a variety of frame sizes with either 4, 6 or 8 magnetic poles, the EBI high temperature electric motor has even been adopted by other industries looking for a product built to last long in extremely high temperature conditions.

Variable Frequency Drive, Softstarter and Servomotor Repair

EBI started as a modest electric motor repair shop in 1946. Now our repair services for the wood industry has grown. We specialize in VFD, softarter and servo motor repair. In fact EBI Electric is the Canadian authorized service centre for Yaskawa products. We also specialize in the coating or tropicalization of electronic boards of VFDs and we repair HMI interfaces, power supplies and many other industrial electronics equipment. Because of our history and our geographical proximity with sawmill since 1946, EBI has developed expertise in understanding the needs and manufacturing processes of the wood industry. That is why EBI is a member of different lumber associations to maintain this proximity, evolve and always strive to better serve this fascinating industry.

Wood Industry Associations EBI Participates in

Conseil de l'industrie forestière du Québec
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