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First Canadian Distributor

EBI Electric: Yaskawa Products Distributor

EBI was the first Yaskawa distributor in Canada and since then, EBI and Yaskawa have always been tightly linked to insure the success of customers. Still today, EBI Electric specializes in the distribution, programming, maintenance and fine tuning of Yaskawa products such as variable frequency drives, servomotors, and servopack controllers. We also offer auxiliary Yaskawa products such as load reactors, braking resistors, cables and control boards. Our team specializes in guiding you towards the Yaskawa products that you need and the one that is the most cost effective for your industrial or commercial application. Our team of counsellors include customer care specialists, automation programmers, and service field technicians who are seasonned in installing, repairing and fine tuning Yaskawa drives and servo. 

Request a quote for a Yaskawa variable speed drive or servo motor

The largest Yaskawa VFD Stock Inventory in Quebec

Whether it be for the latest Yaskawa VFD like the newest Yaskawa drive GA800 or the previous drive series (depending on your application), EBI can provide the whole Yaskawa line of products.

Some drives

Yaskawa servo motors

Servo drives (servopack)

EBI Electric can quickly deliver your order thanks to our vast inventory of Yaskawa products in Quebec. EBI is even in contact with partners who allow us to rent Yaskawa equipment for you troubleshoot 24/7.

Yaskawa Products at the Lowest Price

Since EBI was the first Yaskawa distributor and integrator in Canada (such as with control panel manufacturing) and since we are highly knowledgable about Yaskawa products, our customers benefit from the most competitive prices on the market. Our technical customer care team will help you see clearly which Yaskawa drive or which Yaskawa servomotor best suits your needs depending on your industry (sawmilling, water treatment, recycling, maple industry, energy saving systems, etc.). Our technicians also offer training sessions to your staff to teach them how to maximise the efficiency of each Yaskawa product.

Yaskawa Technical Assistance Program by EBI Electric

Servodrive Yaskawa EBI Electric.jpg

When you purchase a Yaskawa product at EBI such as a variable speed drive or a servomotor, you can benefit from the support of our technicians and programmers who can teach you how to fine-tune them. A Yaskawa VFD is a high quality product that will give you an excellent return on investment. It will maximise your energy efficiency and the lifespan of your electric motors. With Yaskawa, every customer should commit to understanding and maximising each product to benefit from as many options as possible : and there are many options avaiable to you with Yaskawa products.

Yaskawa VFD Programming

EBI Electric Quebec distributeur Yaskawa.jpg
A1000 Yaskawa EBI Electric Quebec.jpg

Even if Yaskawa drives and servos are the easiest to use and program in the industry, when you buy a Yaskawa VFD from EBI, our electrical engineering team remains at your service (control panel manufacturing, industrial electrical installation, automation) to program your drive and set the most advantageous VFD parameters for your industrial application before delivery. Therefore, rest assured that your Yaskawa product will fit perfectly with your application, saving you time and boosting your enery efficiency. If you already own Yaskawa products that might need maintenance or parameter adjustments, feel free to contact our technical support team at EBI.

VFD Tropicalisation or Coating

When you buy a Yaskawa drive (VFD) or servopack controller at EBI Electric, make sure you request our tropicalisation service. Tropicalization is the application of protective coating on some components of electronic boards to protect them against mold, humidity and dust that cause short circuits. Tropicalization extends the lifetime of electronic circuit boards in drives or sof starters by offering high protection against corrosion and oxidation. New and used equipment can be tropicalized. 

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