Control Panel Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Summer heat can cause problems for manufacturing plants where electrical control panels are installed. As we know, a control panel internal temperature must never exceed a certain limit, especially when it includes industrial electronics. We know that electrical or electronic components already realease heat. If in addition the external environment of the control panel is very hot (such as in the summer season), there are risks of problems... sometimes expensive ones to solve.

Protect your Control Panels Againts Heat

Among solutions to deal with high temperature control panels, the installation of ventilation and air conditioning units can be considered. As a Rittal control panel integrator, EBI can help choosing the right ventilation or air conditionning unit that could save you some serious trouble. EBI also has a team of specialized technicians who perform thermography analysis regularly to identify hot spots among components which allows preventing overheating and preparing with adequate equipment before the summer season.

Lateral Air Conditionning Unit            

Air/Water Heat Exchangers

Filtered Ventilation Unit

Panel Rooftop Ventilation Unit

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