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ISO 9001:2008 MCNA ANAB

Sales and distribution of electrical products, of automatism and of electric industrial composites; conception and manufacture of electric motors; industrial automation; conception and manufacture of control panels of industrial order and of energy; conception and industrial electric installations. Repair service of motors and of industrial electrical fittings; service of industrial repairs.

Our manufacuring processes are controled at each step by a strict quality insurance program certified ISO 9001:2008. Controls and rigorous tests insure the quality of our work and allow our clients to benefit from products and services of high quality in acccordance with their needs.



The design and manufacturing of EBI Electric control panels correspond to standards required by the North American market: The Canadian Standard Association (CSA) for Canada and the United States.



EBI dry kiln motors are CE-certified since they are used in North America and in the European Union countries. The CE logo on EBI Electric dry kiln motors indicates that they comply with European electrical and safety standards.


Industrial Electrical Contractor

EBI Electric is a licensed electrical contractor in the province of Quebec by the Corporation des maîtres électriciens du Québec (RBQ #1174-7466-39). EBI Electric is also a licensed electrical contractor in the province of Ontario by the Electrical Safety Authority (#7005378).



As a long time member of the Electromechanical Apparatus Service Association (EASA), EBI Electric stays up to date with the latest cutting edge developments in the field of electric motors such as the best ways to maintain them and repair them. Our EASA membership also gives us access to expert advice, analysis, reports and tests of electric motors on demand.


Health and Safety at EBI

At EBI, the health and safety of our staff are key values. The success of EBI depends on our people’s attitude and concern regarding the quality of their work, their commitment and their respect of laws and health and safety regulations. Any incident, accident or occupational disease can and must be avoided. Considering the latter as unpredictable does not fit with EBI’s culture and work ethics. At EBI, each work task is preceded by a safety reflection. Improvisation is not our trade, and any dangerous situation is highlighted and corrections are applied immediately. Health and safety regulations are reviewed before the beginning of each project and shared clearly with each staff member participating on site or not. Our subcontractors and partners must be dedicated to the same respect of health and safety regulations in order to be involved in business relationships with EBI Electric.


Sustainable Development

EBI Electric believes in sustainable development to insure a responsible management of the organisation, reduce its environmental footprint, offer a fullfilling work environment to its employees, and support its clients in respecting their own economic and environmental commitments.

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