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Electric Motor Repair  

EBI Electric : Electric Motor Repair Since 1946

For more than 70 years, EBI Electric has repaired AC/DC (single phase and three phase) electric motors up to 500 HP. Our electric motor shop is available to respond to emergency motor repairs 24/7. Our motor shop in Saint-Georges serves customers from the Maine State area and the Quebec area. EBI's electric motor repair shop uses top notch equipment to test the quality of motor cast iron motor stators such as a core tester and dynamic balancing benches. 

EASA Member Electric Motor Shop

EBI is a long time member of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) and holds different quality control certifications such as ISO ISO 9001:2008 MCNA ANAB and CSA-UL which allow strict quality control and advantageous warranty on the repair of electric motors. Learn more about our certifications.

Elevator Electric Motor Repair

In addition to our electric motor repair service for most brands of electric motors, our repair technicians is also well trained in the repair of elevator electric motors. We are able to quickly and effectively repair elevator motors or to replace them anew if need be. 

8 Ways to Improve the Lifespan of Your Electric Motors

Preventive and predictive maintenance programs for electric motors contribute to avoid critical and costly production shutdowns. Often, simple electric motor inspection routines stricly applied over time will avoid your motors to be sent to your local electric motor repair shop. Here are a few ways to keep your electric motors in good condition all year long. 

  1. Lubricate your electric motor and renew the grease of the bearings according to the specifications of the manufacturer

    Read the identification plate of the electric motor; it will inform you with critical information about your motor such as the type of grease that must be used and the quantity that must be used for relubrification

  2. Test the insulation of the electric motor and its winding to make sure that there are no short circuits expected in the short run (Hipot test)

  3. Remove any magnetic dust stuck to the magnefic poles of the electric motor

  4. Verify if the motor shows any friction marks that could be caused by the unbalancing of pulleys

  5. Verify if the the alignment of pulleys driven by the motor shaft or the quality of the balancing of the direct-driven material such as fans.

  6. Test the vibration of the motor to see if it is not subjected to an abnormally high vibration level

  7. Finally, in case of electric motor overheating possibility, ask for a level 2 thermography inspection

  8. Try new products that contribute to informing you in real-time about the condition of your electric motors. The Weg Motor Scan is a good example of such technology. Ask your EBI representative for a sample.

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