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EBI Wood Scanners

Top Quality Scanners for the Wood Industry

Since 2005, EBI has positionned itself as a leader in wood scanner systems. Our systems are designed to offer control for the highest standards of quality, especially in the hardwood flooring industry. EBI offers a large product range that fully serves the complete wood transformation process from scanning rough lumber, moulded boards, to panels on a finish line. The EBI wood scanners have a solid reputation in the wood manufacturing market for dimensional, appearance, defecting control and production yield optimization. According to EBI scanner customers, we offer the best scanning equipment for color sorting, splits and shake detection.

Inspector B - Hardwood Grading and Cross-Cutting     Optimization Scanner

Rough Wood Scanning and Optimization

An optimized wood scanner for the gross defecting of boards before their process through moulding. A system to maximize production line efficiency by processing only good wood through the moulder while maximising long board pieces length. 

Square Board Scanning and Optimization

Optimized scanner for defecting, grading and orienting boards before moulding. The best solution to maximize yield and grade distribution output.

Moulded Board Scanning and Optimization

Optimized scanner for final grading and defecting after moulder. The best solution to maximize yield and reduce the reworking of wood boards while providing an accurate and consistent grading solution for each wood piece. 

Engineered Wood Lamella Scanner

Optimized scanner specially designed to scan lamellas for engineered flooring. The EBI Inspector scanning system for lamella combines traditional optimization tools for grading and defecting with specific tools for lamella scanning linked with specific gluing processing and putty requirements. 

4 Faces Scanner

Optimized scanner system that inspects all four sides of wood boards to provide an optimized defecting and grading solution for thicker hardwood component products.

 Inspector E - End Match Scanner


End Defect Scanner

Optimized scannner detecting end board defects such as end splits on tongue or groove and end match side. The scanner sends non conform wood pieces to a rework station.

Squaring Scanner

Optimized scanner system validating the squaring of the end-matched flooring pieces for faster control in case of misadjustment of end matching milling.

Other EBI Wood Scanner Systems


Side Matching Profile Control

Wood scanner validating side matching dimensions and edge defects after moulding.  

Engineered Glued Lamella and Bloc Board Cut Optimization 

Wood scanner detecting gaps between lamellas, wood defects, and block board positions. The scanner indicates optimized cut position.   

ID Reader

Scanner reading printed marks on wood board surfaces. Can be used to read board IDs to communicate with handling equipment that sort grades and manage board rejections.

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EBI : Wood Scanners Trusted by Leaders of the Industry Since 2005

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