EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motors

Since 1995, EBI has designed and manufactured dry kiln duty electric motors that can withstand extreme environmental conditions imposed by lumber dry kilns

With EBI high temperature dry kiln motors, stop worrying about the condition of your motors.
Simply focus your attention on wood drying!
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  • 40 years serving the wood industry
  • 20 years of experience in manufacturing dry kiln motors
  • Supplier for many dry kiln manufacturers in North America and Europe
  • North American distribution network
  • More than 20 000 dry kiln motors used throughout 400 woodmills in Canada, the United States and over the world


  • CSA and UL approved for ambient temperatures reaching 120oC / 248oF
  • Manufactured in Canada: ISO 9001
  • Warranty up to 3 years depending on temperature
    • 3 years at 100oC / 212oF
    • 2 years at 120oC / 248oF
  • Many models available stock ensuring fast delivery
  • Advantageous quality/price ratio
  • Available in Nema and IEC (metric) frames
  • Choice of color to fit your company logo and customized name plate with your company logo (for dry kiln manufacturers only)

EBI Dry Kiln Duty Electric Motor Features




Kiln Motor Construction

  • High efficiency unibody cast iron construction for superior strength
  • Up to 20% more iron in stator than competitive motors for better heat dissipation
  • EBI Electric dry kiln motors have a high-temperature seal (200°C/392°F) on the motor drive end








Kiln Motor Bearings

  • C3 bearing clearance
  • High temperature & non-washable
    synthetic grease
  • Stainless steel grease fittings
  • Extra strength bearing retainer cap for
    additional stability and









Kiln Motor Protection

  • Eeach motor is double-coated with heat-resistant enamel paint for an increased resistance to heat, rust, and acidity produced by the different wood species









Kiln Motor Windings

  • Complete class H insulation (1800C/3560F) for increased heat protection
  • Inverter duty magnet wire resisting transient voltage variation
  • Lap winding for better heat distribution and dissipation
  • Extra winding tropicalization against humidity and condensation







Kiln Motor Connection Box

  • SEW2 wires approved for 2000C/3920F
  • Every gasket is in silicone
  • Every gasket is 1/8’’ thick







1000C / 2120F or less: 3 years
1200C / 2480F or less: 2 years
Horsepower From 1Hp à 40Hp
Speed 1 800, 1 200, 900 RPM
Voltage 460-575V (standard stock) other voltage available upon request
Enclosure Totally Enclosed Air Over (TEAO) and Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) available upon request
Nema Frame Size From 143T to 365T
IEC Frame Size From 90L to 200L
Ambient Temperature Up to 1200C / 2480F
Service Factor 1,15 à 1000C (2120F) - 1,0 à 1200C (2480F)
Efficiency Epact high efficiency


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