The EBI Lumber Kiln Motor at the GLKDA and the OVLDA Spring Meeting

The EBI Kiln Duty Motors will be presented at the GLKDA and OVLDA spring meeting this April. Speak with our representative to learn why the EBI motor is the favourite among American sawmills with lumber kilns. The EBI motors have made a name for themselves since 1995 because they are built to last in a lumber dry kiln. Many dry kiln manufacturers have even adopted it. Sawmills and maintenance managers love that lumber dry kiln motor and here is why:

  • Fast Delivery: Motors in stock ready to ship from your local US distributor
  • One piece cast iron frame: no aluminum
  • Lap winding for better heat distribution: no concentric winding!
  • TEAO: Totally Enclosed Air Over for Maximum Heat Tolerance
  • Rated 248 degrees Fahrenheit and over
  • Motors in stock ready to ship from your local US distributor
  • Warranty 2 to 3 years or more depending on the application
  • Sealed Bearings Option: No Greasing, No Maintenance

To dry wood is an art and in order to carry on with wood drying without any trouble, you need a motor that drives your fans perfectly. Choose the best for your dry kiln and ask for a quote of EBI dry kiln motors.

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