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5 Electric Motor Maintenance Tips this Summer

Downtime Caused by Electric Motors Always Nibbles Profits

Many manufacturing plants take the summer period to focus on checking the condition of every single electric motor as part of preventive maintenance plans, and that's well thought. We know that electric motor maintenance contributes to saving time and money to industrial plant owners. Here in Quebec, at the beginning of the summer season, make sure that your electric motors are in top shape condition for the rest of the year and especially the upcoming hot season. Here are 5 tips to help you take care of your electric motors.

Tip 1 : Electric Motor Base Inspection

Make sure that the base of your electric motor is still in good condition. Being subjected to vibration, the base of an electric motor can deteriorate over time. If an electric motor is not level anymore, problems such as shaft misalignment (coupling with application) and bearing problems (see tip #4) should be expected. These result in electric motor unbalancing problems. To avoid this situation, always make sure your electric motors are leveled with the equipment they are coupled with. 

Tip 2 : Verify the Temperature of Your Electric Motors

Regulary verify the temperature of your electric motors in order to detect overheating. Electric motor overheating can be caused by defective motor bearings, indadequate bearing housings or other mechanical problems (for instance, the equipment that the motor activates might have become too difficult to bear, which means that your electric motor is drawing too much amperage or current resulting in overheating). To verify the temperature of your electric motors, you can simply use a thermal gun.

Tip 3 : Electric Motor Grease: Just Enough but not Too Much!

Read again the greasing and maintenance recommandations of your electric motor manufacturer. Too much grease is as problematic as a lack of grease.

Too much electric motor grease...

Not enough electric motor grease...

Above all, make sure that the electric motor grease that you use is compatible with the original electric motor grease of the electric motor manufacturer. Electric motor grease incompatibility is a recipe for disaster.

Tip 4 : Verify the Bearings of Your Electric Motor

Once again, the cause of electric motor bearing problems is often an excess of grease or a lack of grease. The inadequate alignment of an electric motor with the application it activates can also be the problem. Check your electric motor coupling with the equipment attached to it. As a surprising piece of advice as it may sound, listen carefully to your electric motor. If its regular work sound changes over time, if the motor becomes more noisy, take action because chances are it will only get worse in the short term.

Tip 5 : Find a Knowledgeable Electric Motor Repair Shop you Can Trust

Doubtful about the state of your electric motors? Get in touch with your local electrical motor repair shop. Most often there are technicians that can visit you on site to help you assess the condition of your electric motors and advise you. Also ask for dynamic balancing services. A few times a year such as when the summer season begins, thinking about the condition of your electric motors will reward you and decrease the odds of unexpected production line shutdowns in the future.


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