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EBI Hardwood Scanners at LaCrosse Flooring

EBI Hardwood Flooring Scanner at LaCrosse Flooring in Wisconsin

EBI is thankful to LaCrosse Hardwood Flooring, and especially to CEO Mike Flynn and Division Manager Paul Ostlund who “agreed that the EBI Inspector Scanner offered the most comprehensive, customizable, accurate, user-friendly platform for [their] needs”. The EBI Inspector Scanner brand is a high quality industrial product designed by electrotechnical specialists, programmers and wood engineers who have served the hardwood flooring industry for many years.   

Scanners for High Quality Hardwood Flooring Manufacturing

EBI is dedicated to manufacturing the most advanced and performing scanner system, specifically for the hardwood flooring industry. As the CEO of EBI, family-owned business since 1946, Serge Martel explains that there is no secret recipe for success, and that the most important ingredient is simple: “Listen carefully and listen again to hardwood flooring manufacturers in order to understand their needs and the challenges they face every day in the mill. In addition, EBI’s job of designing, installing and commissioning a hardwood-flooring scanner is much easier when its client is highly dedicated to quality and highly knowledgeable and educated about its manufacturing process. LaCrosse flooring is definitely part of that category of very collaborative hardwood flooring manufacturers who aim for the top in order to offer their customers the highest quality.”  

The reality of hardwood flooring mills is different from one to another and that is why the EBI hardwood-flooring scanner needs to be customizable and user-friendly so that each hardwood flooring manufacturer can fully benefit from it according to its own quality and production standards. And luckily for their customers, LaCrosse quality standards are of the highest in the industry. Therefore, that is no surprise that their quality control program is rigorous: “Historically, flooring manufacturers would check quality on a few boards per hour. LaCrosse Hardwood Flooring has maintained a culture of making hundreds of quality measurements per hour, but with the installation of the EBI Inspector, we are able to maintain every conceivable quality standard by making thousands of measurements per minute, over every minute of the production day”. EBI is lucky to count LaCrosse flooring as a customer and we thank them for trusting the EBI Inspector Scanner and the team that desgined it. Thank you.


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