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The EBI Wood Scanner at Industries T.L.T. in Ste-Monique

EBI wishes to thank Industries T.L.T. of Ste-Monique (Quebec) for its recent purchasing of an EBI wood scanner that will contribute to optimizing yields at ripping and edging work stations. Our EBI scanner manufacturing team is very proud to work in partnership with such a leader in the manufacturing of solid wood flooring in North America.

Wood Board Scanner by EBI for Optimized Ripping and Edging

The wood board scanner of EBI, the Inspector B optimises hardwood flooring board grading. This scanner was designed by EBI Electric to sort hardwood flooring boards and communicate sorting decisions to trimming and edging equipment on a flooring manufacturing line. By choosing an EBI scanner, Industries T.L.T. will keep its edge in the industry and will ensure that its customers will be provided with high end wood products. The EBI wood scanners offer different advantages:   

  • Detection precision according to T.L.T.'s specific grade rules

  • Sturdiness and reliability

  • Flexibility for quick adjustment of sorting rules according to T.L.T.'s customer needs

  • Detailed production reports and real time statistics managed with a very user-friendly interface

  • EBI online service support or on site in Ste-Monique

  • Information exchange and training sessions of T.L.T.'s staff by our EBI scanner technicians and programmers allowing quick and optimal production gains

Industries T.L.T. also acquired a printing system with its EBI scanner to ease the identification of wood boards with an ID number, cutting marks, grade ID and board optimal orientation marks. 

The EBI scanner provided to Industries T.L.T. also comes with a simulator that is independant from the scanner. This simulator offers a lot of advantages:

  • Allows to simulate and test any parameter changes without affecting real time production

  • Allows to see rapidly the outcome of parameter changes such as yield increase and monetary gains

  • Allows employees to learn by trial and error and increases their confidence in learning how to use the EBI scanner without risking to affect production outcome

Finally, the simulation computer can be used as a replacement computer for the scanner.

At EBI Electric, we are very proud to count Industries T.L.T. as our customer. We are happy to work with organizations that never cease to work in improving their production methods for the benefit of their customers and their employees. Our sincere thanks to Industries T.L.T. for your trust in EBI Electric and its scanner products.


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