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Hardwood Scanner and Dry Kiln Motors NWFA 2018

EBI Scanners and EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motors at the NWFA Florida

Since 2009, EBI participates in the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) exhibition. This year, the EBI team will be at the Tampa Convention Centre in Florida for the 2018 edition. The NWFA exhibition is very popular among hardwood flooring manufacturers and EBI specializes in offering products and services to this fascinating clientele. Visit EBI’s booth.

Advanced Defect Detection and Optimization of Hardwood Flooring

This year, EBI and its team of programmers, wood engineers and artificial vision specialists will be present to promote the latest developments in hardwood flooring detection and optimization. Many of our loyal customers will also stop by to offer their testimony about the performance of the EBI Inspector Scanners: Mirage, Lauzon, Premier Hardwood, Wickham, Somerset, Menuiserox, LaCross Flooring, Buckland Hardwood, Cumberland Hardwood, Planchers Appalaches and others. One of the key strengths of EBI scanners is their “repeatability” feature which means that if a hardwood flooring board entered the EBI scanner multiple times, the latter would always give the same defecting and optimization solution according to the hardwood manufacturer using it (each has its own recipe).Watch the EBI Inspector Hardwood Flooring Scanner in action on YouTube :

High Temperature and Heat Resistant Electric Motors

EBI will also be present at the NWFA to display its popular heat-resistant electric motors for wood drying. Branded EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motors, those are not typical electric motors: they are tanks to function in extremely harsh environments. Those Totally Enclosed Air Over electric motors (TEAO) are made to work directly inside a hardwood or softwood dry kiln (direct-drive application).

NEMA and IEC Kiln Duty Motors

They are available from 1 hp up to 30 hp, 900 rpm, 1200 rpm and 1800 rpm. The high temperature and heat-resistant EBI motors are used by many lumber dry kiln manufacturers and sawmills in North America and Europe. EBI dry kiln duty motors are available through a North American distributor network for fast delivery. They are available in Nema and IEC frames and covered by the best warranty on the market (up to 3 years), and they are rated 120oC (248oF) ambient temperature.Watch these lumber dry kiln motors in action on YouTube :

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