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The Benefits of Wood Scanners

Industrial wood scanners have revolutionized the wood processing industry, providing numerous benefits and applications. One of the primary benefits of using wood scanners is improved efficiency in wood processing. By using advanced scanning technologies, such as laser and color scanning, manufacturers can dramatically improve yield and value recovery in all areas of lumber manufacturing. Additionally, wood scanners can record relevant data on all sides of a wood board in the blink of an eye and supply this information to downstream wood processing machines such as chop saws or ripping systems. This leads to increased yield and performance with accurate AI detection.

EBI Wood Scanner for hardwood flooring mills

Enhanced Wood Manufacturing Quality Control

Another significant application of industrial wood scanners is enhanced quality control in wood products. Multi-sensor quality scanners can reliably recognize wood defects, grade and classify wood boards with precision, and optimize chop processing. Furthermore, high-performance 3D scanning solutions can be used for automatic wood grading applications in machine centers used in sawmills, ensuring consistent quality control. By using wood scanners to improve quality control, manufacturers can reduce the risk of producing subpar products, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Wood Manufacturing Waste Reduction

Finally, industrial wood scanners can lead to cost savings and waste reduction in wood manufacturing processes. By reducing waste, companies can save money on raw materials and disposal costs. Additionally, using wood scanners to optimize cutting and sorting processes can lead to a more efficient use of materials, further reducing waste and costs. For instance, industrial computed tomography (CT) scanning can help develop 3D models of wooden logs, eliminating guesswork and providing accurate information for cutting and sorting. Overall, the incorporation of industrial wood scanners into wood manufacturing processes can lead to improved efficiency, enhanced quality control, and cost savings, making them a valuable tool for the industry. Since 2005, EBI has provided the wood industry with wood scanners that are known to increase the quality and productivity of wood manufacturers.


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