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Wood Scanner Manufacturing for the Wood Industry

Since 2005, EBI Electric specializes in the manufacturing of wood scanners used in the wood industry to optimize production yield according to each manufacturer's production standards.

Wood Scanner Before and After Moulder – Inspector B

Over the years, EBI Electric developped a complete line of wood scanner optimizers for the hardwood industry. With the Inspector B scanner, we wish our clients to benefits from the following advantages :

  • Detection precision according to your customized grading rules

  • Flexibility and speed of grade rule modifications according to your customer needs

  • Real-time detailed and reliable production reports with alarms managed from a simple interface

  • Robustness of the scanner and its electrical and mechanical components

  • EBI Electric training and support team proximity : quick training with a user-friendly scanner interface adapted to your production staff

End Board Scanner – Inspector E

The Inspector E scanner optimizes the detection of defects at the end of wood boards. It also detects any micro V, tongue and groove defect. When need be, every board that needs to be corrected is sent back to a trimming station for corrections. 

Wood Color Scanner – Inspector F

The wood color scanner Inspector F by EBI is a system that controls the color of a given surface of wood boards after finishing. This wood color scanner :

  • Follows up and manages production data related to wood color

  • Measures wood board suface per panel or given production quantity

The 3D image generated by the wood color scanner defines each wood panel precisely and analysizes color at the appropriate locations. Combined with the Inspector B, particular characteristics can be detected for each finished product. The analysis and the validation of color are made from predetermined colors in the system from each saved pixel.

Board Profile Scanner - Inspector S

The Inspector S profile scanner by EBI offers many advantages to sawmills and wood flooring manufacturers :

  • Ensures board uniformity after planing and moulding

  • Allows quality control over time on 100% of production

  • Eliminates any non conform production

  • Informs production managers of any planer or moulder misadjustments

  • Allows alarm setting according to production recipes and required tolerances

  • Decreases reaction time when in need of moulder or planer adjustment

EBI Wood Scanner Projects

Many customers trust the EBI brand for their wood scanners. Here are some of our latest wood scanner projects: list of EBI wood scanner projects.

Contact us for an EBI Wood Scanner quote or more information about our different wood scanner products.


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